Monday, November 3, 2014

Birthday Bums

Bacardi, fosters, tuborg and rum
This is a time for the fun.

Its Friday and saish's b'day, the food is yum and we have been succumbed.

We are bum for our chum, because the time has come for some birthday bumps.

This day will be remembered by some, for we have been in swamp of rum.

Many many happy returns of the day to a dear friend for your ass is going to be plumped !


Its 1:00 AM and I can't sleep, for there is a beautiful weather outside which gives relief.

Though this hectic life, demands a early rise, I am busy admiring the rain, the trees, the flies.

It feels strange, how I have forgotten to admire the nature, the mountains, the skies, for this soothing breeze has opened my eyes.

Life has become fast but prise a moment, for there is a beautiful weather outside which gives relief.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Red Blue Green [RBG]

Red Blue Green (RBG), it’s a simple game I am developing for android. The idea of RBG started in rather odd circumstances, while I was in washroom doing my morning chorus. About that, trust me, it’s great place to think ;-)

How it Began…
As usual, flipping the boards of Flipboard, watching Numb3rs, I was thinking of developing some application/game which i could upload on the Google Play Store. All the ideas I could think at that time involved good graphics and good physics and I consider myself a Novice for now, I am still learning OpenGL. I was searching for some simple yet interesting Idea.
I thought I found something interesting when I saw Charlie(lead character in Numb3rs) explaining the working of Mine Sweeper Game to Larry while solving some homicide case for FBI.
RBG has nothing to do with Mine Sweeper…
Its just the idea of representing something in a grid like format and then clicking on one of the boxes of the grid to score a point strike to me at that time. I thought this could be something simple to start with and I started to think how can i develop this silly idea into a game. The more I tried, I couldn’t think of some simple technique to score a point. This made me realize that its time for a coffee, may be some Caffeine could rejuvenate my thoughts.
Back to my problem…
Now, the problem I face was to develop some technique for a user to score a point as soon as he touches a box in that grid. And I realized that the solution to my problem is within the problem itself. Now for a user to touch to one particular box among the grid of boxes there has to be some target at that one particular box. So now my problem was what can I set as target, and I got the answer from this song which was playing in the background at that time “Pani da Rang” from Vicky Donner Movie.
why “Red Blue Green ?”
So, The idea of setting the targets as specific color came from a Bollywood song. But which color? Why not standard color model Red Green Blue [RGB] ? and that’s how “Red Blue Green” came into existence.
Hey wait!… What? its RBG and not RGB? Now why is that ?
ok! I accept! I made a spelling mistake at the beginning, while i was creating the project in eclipse. And it continued as it is ;-)
Ok! How does game works after all ?
That i will explain soon….. will be back soon!

P.S. Don’t ask What does Mine Sweeper Game has to do with a Homicide Case? Well, you won’t believe Charlie relates almost everything to maths! Yeah sometimes its too exaggerated.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

About the Thinker !

try {
    I think a lot. Its all about “How you think?” if you ask me.
        There has to be logic behind every thing.
        There has to be reason behind every thing.
        And I love to find out ” Why? “.
catch(Exception e){
    I feel restless when there’s exception to above.
    “e” is very confusing.
    I make my peace with “e” and try to find out Optimal Solution.